Name: Pomelia - Botanical name: Plumeria rubra - Kind: Apocynaceae

Frangipani (Plumeria,L.) it is kind of the Apocynaceae, native of the tropical zones Islands of the Pacific, Caribbean and South America, diffused mostly of the climate countries tropical or sub-tropical, bushes or saplings also of remarkable dimensions, to short-lived or persistent leaves, fleshy stem initially that becomes later woody; fleshy branches few numerous, great leaves, lanceolate, oblong pointed, of intense green color ; the perfumed flowers, great, reunited in terminal tops, carrying also about fifty flowers with 5-7 petals, of white color, cream, pink, red and yellow, vanished to the center with various colors


Require of light both outdoor an indoor.


Keep soil moderately moist. Remove surplus seepage water.


In winter leaves fall down. Don’t water keep outdoor.